Crazy weather

Weather in southern Arizona is usually boring – warm winters, hot summers, mild winter rain, summer monsoon with episodes of violent storms. So far 2014 has been interesting.

Two weeks ago we had temps in the upper 80s, perfect for the Gem and Mineral Show. This started as a local show for rock hounds but over the decades has expanded into the largest mart for collectors and dealers in the world. A massive amount of mineral and crystal specimens, rough and cut gems, fossils, and meteorites flows into Tucson every year.

Temps dropped about ten degrees last week for the rodeo and Match Play golf event and is about perfect for those events. Last year we had snow for Match Play, and I don’t think the golfers appreciated the cold. The above normal temps remained through this week and it’s nice but too warm for this time of year.

Now the weather gurus are forecasting a major rain storm for the weekend with one-quarter to one-half inch of rain. This will be kind of late for a winter storm but we need the rain.

I’m one of those strange people who refuse to turn on the A/C in February so we’ve had windows open for a few weeks. So, various pollens have invaded the house and we’re both suffering from allergies.

The flora in our backyard are confused. Our Ash tree has leafed out, the Greasewood (Creosote) and Mesquite have bloomed, and our potted Asparagus Fern has about a dozen new fronds. It surprised me to learn when we moved here that the fern will survive in full sun here. I’m half expecting to see the creepy crawlies coming out of hiding and wandering around the yard looking for breakfast.

We have had light freezes into early March in the past, so it may prove interesting what will happen to the new plant growth if we experience a freeze.


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