Spring means baseball

Spring is upon us – at least for some of the country. That means opening day of baseball is not far off. Here’s a flash fiction story (53 words) I wrote a few years ago. But first….

Winter pruning is done, weeds from winter rains are pulled, spring color plants are blooming, and trees are greening. Crossroads, our neighbor’s Desert Tortoise is out of his cave and roaming the yard during the warm part of the day. Those of us in Arizona have a month or so until the heat gets serious.

Our new resident hummingbird is still HHIC (Head Hummingbird in Charge) of the feeder. A few interlopers, including Horace, still manage to sneak in for a bite when HHIC is occupied with other matters. Yesterday we had a new one appear. He has what looks like a black head and instead of humming when he flies, it sounds more like a¬†whistle. I was watering the plants this morning, about five feet from the feeder, when he showed up again. He’s a pretty bird but the sound is confusing to me.

Enjoy the story.

Making It Home

Bobby made it to first base in a walk and then took second on a squeeze play. He lingered for a while waiting for the right opportunity before stealing third. He was stuck there seemingly forever, then decided to go for it.

I’m gonna score!

“Bobby, hurry up and get your pants off!”


I hope I had you looking one way and were surprised when the story took a turn.

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