Change of command

I’ve been down with another $%^&*# sinus infection for the past month and haven’t felt up to writing or much of anything else. Those infections seem to suck the energy out of me. Anyway, the docs dosed me up and I’m feelling stronger. I hope to get some writing done soon.

We seem to have had a change of command in the backyard and, for any Marines reading this, I missed the parade and ceremony. Late last November Horace the Hummingbird had a run-in with the sliding glass door and we found him prostrate on the patio. We immediately found a shoebox and old towel and laid him gently inside. After a few minutes he took off but Rebel (the cat) was quicker and managed to plant a paw on Horace’s tail feathers, ripping off all but one or two.

Horace soon left the shoebox and flew several feet up into a shrub where he rested for about a half hour before taking off to parts unknown. I contacted a friend who is the zoo keeper at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum in charge of “fur and feathers.” She said if he can fly he should be okay and the feathers will grow back when he molts.

Horace was around for six or eight weeks, feeding and chasing interlopers away. One day I heard a ruckus in the shrub nearest the feeder and saw Horace on the ground on his back and the new bird pecking away at him. Horace managed to get airborn and the two little birds were soon spiraling upward until I lost sight of them.

H_____, the new hummer, is darker green with a brillant red head. I think he is a little larger than Horace and a ruffian. He is very protective of his feeder although Horace manages to sneak in on occassion for a little nectar.


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